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  Interinfor Project package will be available soon. 

     I am uploading all the files and testing the hosting services. The user guide, download etc., might be temporarily not working or incomplete. Thanks for your patience.

--Julia Li


InterInfor is an open source package to integrate multiple computing and data resources under a single framework. There are two products right now:

  •   InterInfor Publishing - an open source Web publishing package, which includes following functions:
  1. WYSIWYS (What You See Is What You Get) module to dynamically maintain the Web pages via a simple Web interface. Web content manager doesn't need HTML or any Web programming knowledge to maintain the site content.
  2. Web Layout module to dynamically change the actual layout of the Web pages. The layout includes site page organization like top bar, site navigation arrangement and text "style" such as color or font. 
  3. Build-in Web site applications such as Site Search engine, Index, Site Map, BLOG, RSS, Login and Web Service (SOAP/WSDL/SRU/SRW) feeding/consuming .
  4. Tools to add/remove/update Web pages through a couple of "clicks".  
  •   InterInfor Integrating - The interface to integrate heterogeneous online resources and related research/documentation about Web Content Management. More details at 5132401921



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